Our history

Insonder was founded by Bart van der Velden and two of his best friends. After their studies, they packed their bags and traveled the world as professional poker players. However great the adventure was, there comes a time in every man’s life to drop the poker face and start doing something real. Preferably something that only requires a laptop and a WiFi connection, so that the traveling could continue.

We had to be creative at that time. Because you will understand that I did not always have a good wifi connection while backpacking in Thailand.

Bart van der Velden _ Founder

The backpacking buddies started an e-commerce business and Insonder was born...

Bart and his friends choose to further professionalize Insonder.
By 2020 turnover has grown so significantly a decision has to be made: slowing down or further professionalising their business. Bart and his friends decide to go all in.

On January 1 2021, Insonder settles in Eindhoven, the tech-hotspot of the Netherlands. Since then, the company continues to grow rapidly, with new products and brands being added all the time.

To accelerate business even more, by mid 2021 Wielenoutlet.nl is acquired. Wielenoutlet.nl is the European market leader in castor wheels.

This acquisition also means adding a warehouse close to Rotterdam to our network.

Where we are now

Today, we are a team of 15+ e-commerce enthusiasts, with offices in Eindhoven and Etten-Leur. Tomorrow, we could be anything!

Meet the

Richard Duijndam
E-commerce Specialist

Bart van der Velden

René den Ronde
Chief Finance

Pieter Schuit
Sales Manager OFW

Samantha van de Riet
Customer Service

Ralph Coenen
Managing Director

Liam Derijck
Warehouse Coördinator

Michael Dubbelman
Order Picker

Ike van Oers
Order Picker

Yvar Derijck
Order Picker

Siam van Oers
Order Picker

Tom Janssen
Order Picker

Esuhei Batsuh
Order Picker

Let’s grow together.

We are always looking for people that are as passionate about e-commerce as we are. Are you a supplier, a customer, or a potential new team member? Get in touch! Let’s grow together!