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Somewhere out there is the next big thing. The product everybody needs in their life. They just don’t know it yet. We do. At Insonder we are always ahead of the trend. Searching the world, developing new products, and creating our own brands. It’s next-level e-commerce we believe in. When we see an opportunity there are no limits to what we can do. The world is our playground. And we are always looking for new players. Check out our jobs and check in today. You’ll love it.

What's with the name?

Sonder: Everyone has a story

We make our own rules, so we decided to use a made-up word as a company name. ‘Sonder’ is one of many words made up by artist John Koenig. He creates new words to better describe what he sees in the world around him. Sonder means “Everyone has a story”. It’s the realization that each random passer-by is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. When we travel, we meet so many amazing people. Long nights at hotel bars and campfires made us realise that every single person has an incredible story to tell. When we started our company, we knew that we were onto something special. Like us, our products travel the world and become part of incredible stories themselves.

Incredible products.
Incredible stories.
For everyone.

This is who
we are

We started off as an FBA Amazon business. Today, we are a Dutch E-commerce company with a team of 20+ employees. We have our own products and brands, sold in our own shop and in marketplaces all over the world. And we’ve only just started. We are growing fast and looking forward to every next step.

All aboard the entrepreneurship – We’ll turn your great ideas into profit
Crossing borders - we are a global player with partners worldwide
Business IS pleasure - we are a young team of e-commerce enthusiasts
Scale-up your act - we are a fast-growing company, come grow with us



Hearing protection that looks good and feels great even after hours of hard work? We hear you! Vanderfields is the number one brand in high-end sound blocking for adults and kids.

Vanderfields Website


One of the leading brands in castor wheels in Europe. With a huge portfolio for B2B-professionals and the DIY market. MESO keeps you on the move.


We believe in working out with a minimum of equipment. FFEXS is our brand of fitness gear you can take anywhere. Resistance bands for training, foam rollers for stretching and fitness towels for keeping dry and clean. You don’t need an expensive gym membership. Simply use your body and FFEXS.

FFEXS Website


One of the leading E-commerce channels in Europe when it comes to logistics.

One For Wheels

Manufacturer and distributor of castor wheels, located in the Netherlands. With more than 8 factories across the globe, an international player in the castor and scaffolding B2B market.


This is where you come in

Are you looking for a company that can keep up with you? Welcome to Insonder! We’re moving fast and building our business as we go along. Every day is a new adventure and you can hop on right now. Especially if you’ve got skills in e-commerce, supply chain, marketing, IT or HR. At Insonder you’ll build experience quicker than anywhere else. And you will enjoy the ride.